Yukos Library

The Yukos Library documents historic and often ground-breaking legal cases surrounding the Yukos Affair, including the current case before the European Court of Human Rights.


US State Department – 2009 Human Rights Report: Russia (March 11, 2010)

The US State Department issues this annual report to provide a specific detailed picture of human rights conditions in 194 countries around the world. Some main issues in the Russia report include:

  • security services and local authorities often conduct searches without warrants\
  • numerous, credible reports that law enforcement personnel engaged in physical abuse of subjects
  • direct and indirect government interference in local and regional elections
  • widespread corruption throughout the executive, legislative and judicial branches at all levels


Russian Roulette – Current Investment Risks in Russia By the Committee for Russian Economic Freedom

An overview of Russian economic and investment issues with selected cases of rule of law violations in Russia for discussion at the World Economic Forum, especially for the discussion on January 28, 2010 on “Strengthening the Rule of Law.”


UN Global Compact Reporting Guidance on the 10th Principle against CorruptionBy UN Global Compact and Transparency International

Public reporting sends a strong signal to employees, investors and consumers, that a company is serious about clean business. The Reporting Guidance, developed in the framework of the Global Compact, the world’s largest voluntary corporate citizenship initiative, equips business with a practical means to report on anti-corruption policies and actions comprehensively and effectively. It sets the standard for thousands of UN Global Compact signatories, while its use will be beneficial well beyond this network.