Boris Palant

Б. ПалантBoris Palant is a partner with a New York-based law firm Palant & Shapiro, PC. He is a graduate of Kharkov University, specializing in English and French Languages. In 1978, received his Master of Arts Degree from State University of New York at Buffalo (Psycho- and Neuro-Linguistics and Semiotics), and in 1983 he received his Juris Doctor Degree from SUNY Buffalo School of Law.  Since 1984 he has been in private practice, having represented clients from all over the world:  former Soviet Union, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Israel, Egypt, Mexico, Guatemala, Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic.  Boris Palant holds the title “Super Lawyer” awarded by Thomson-Reuters.

Over the span of 30 years (as of fall of 2014) Boris Palant has successfully handled hundreds of various types of immigration cases, ranging from asylum and relatives’ petitions  to “green cards” on the basis of extraordinary ability (EB-1) to complicated removal proceedings.  His clients include famous writers, composers, scientists, athletes, and attorneys.

Boris Palant has also served as Trust Protector for some of his clients and has represented clients in complex litigation matters before foreign tribunals (Monaco).  He has consulted foreign businessmen on issues involving transparency of capital, repatriation of capital, tax consequences of acquisition of the US resident alien status and of surrendering this status.   Together with his partner Alex Shapiro, Boris Palant has represented clients in complex international child abduction cases which resulted in the return of the abducted children from US to Russia.  Boris Palant hosts a popular weekly radio show on legal subjects at 620AM, and he has also appeared as a guest legal commentator in TV and radio programs of the BBC, Voice of America, RTVi, RTN, NTV America. His column on legal issues is featured in the Russian-American weekly “Russkaya Reklama”.