Bruce Misamore

загруженное (1)Bruce Misamore, the former CFO of Russian oil company Yukos, works from his Houston home to regain lost assets for Yukos’ more than 55,000 shareholders. Now retired, Misamore spends several hours a day working on Yukos-related issues. Five years ago, Russian authorities seized Yukos’ assets to satisfy fictitious tax claims against the company, after having arrested the now jailed oligarch and company CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky on fraudulent politically motivated charges unrelated to the company.

Misamore maintains that the tax charges were trumped up and that the seizure was unjust, a move by the Kremlin to re-nationalize its oil industry and punish political enemies of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Yukos’ assets were eventually sold to two state-owned companies, Rosneft and Gazprom, and the proceeds from the sales paid primarily to the Russian government to satisfy the fictitious tax claims. Russian prosecutors have argued that Misamore and his counterparts stripped valuable assets from the company and sold them for personal gain. Misamore dismisses the allegations as absurd. He and other former executives are pressing their own claims on behalf of the company against the Russian government before the European Court of Human Rights. It’s the largest case of its kind to be brought in the court’s 60-year history with damage claims exceeding $100 billion.